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Databreach, Privacy & Regulatory Liability

With all the changing rules and requirements to convert to electronic medical records, many practices are facing new and unknown exposures relating to network security and privacy breaches.

Simultaneously, physician practices are dealing with RAC and ZPIC Audits – a government backed hunt for Medicare/Medicaid filling errors.

Did you know you can insure all of these risks on one policy?

  • Defense & Fines and Penalties Coverage for Medicare/Medicaid/Commercial Payor Billing Errors Proceeding
    • Includes allegations of billing violations from various sources including commercial payers and govermental contractors such as Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC), Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC), and Comprehensive Medicaid Integrity Plans (CMIP).
  • Qui Tam Plaintiff (Federal False Claims Act, Whistleblower)
  • Unintentional Billing Errors & Omission
  • Coverage includes unintentional acts made by providers or outside billing organizations.
  • Unintentional Release of Medical or Financial Data
    • Includes HIPAA, Financial Services Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, etc.
  • EMTALA Proceeding
  • Stark Violations
  • Breach of Computers or Network Security
    • Includes failure to prevent access; failure to prevent identity theft; inadvertent transmission of malicious code.
  • Cost of Patient Notification/Credit Monitoring
    • Mandatory notification in most states.
  • Network Asset Protection
    • All reasonable and necessary sums required to recover and/or replace data that is compromised, damaged, lost, erased or corrupted.
    • Coverage also includes business interruption and extra expense coverage for income loss as a result of the total or partial interruption of the insured’s computer system and coverage for Cyber Terrorism.
  • Cyber Extortion
    • Includes extortion expenses and extortion monies as a direct result of a credible cyber extortion threat.
  • Regulatory Fines and Penalties
  • Multimedia Coverage
    • Includes coverage for Copyright/Trademark Infringement/Libel, Slander, Advertising, etc.
  • Voluntary Self-Disclosure Allowed