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Databreach & Privacy Liability

Cyber liability for the practice of professional and private practices are constantly evolving. Most facilities and practices are reviewing their cyber risks and privacy liability coverages because of an alarming increase in cyber Threats.  In the market today, there are several forms of coverage that can be provided by a cyber liability policy.

Cyber Coverage Highlights:

  • Information Securities & Privacy Liability
  • Regulatory Defense & Penalties
  • Cyber Extortion / Ransomware
  • Business Interruption & Extra Expense
  • eCrime:
    • Fraudulent instructions
    • Social Engineering
    • Funds Transfer Fraud
    • Telephone Fraud
  • Website Media Content Liability
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Management Services
  • Credit Card Industry (PCI) Fines & Cost
  • Privacy Breach Response Services
    • Notifications to Individual Clients
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Identity Theft Resolution Cases
    • Foreign Notification

Many carriers have a limited cyber endorsement added to their policies at no cost; however, these forms of coverage are not standardized, and YOUR LIMITS AND COVERAGES MAY BE INADIQUITE.

For Further information on cyber liability and data breaches, please feel free to reach out to us.